Volunteers from local job centre helping out at 3RCU
Volunteers from local job centre helping out at 3RCU

Now in its fourteenth year, this unique 3 Rivers Clean Up partnership program has been highly successful in removing and preventing the spread of Himalayan Balsam and other species such as Giant Hogweed and Japanese Knotweed, in the Ravensbourne River catchment. Removing invasive species is the main focus, however, the 3 Rivers Clean Up is a great opportunity to remove all the rubbish and debris that builds up within this urban river catchment. With your help we can make these rivers more attractive to visit.

Last year 35 events were delivered by all partners over the three weeks with 300 volunteers tackling litter and invasive species, this amounted to 1320 hours of good effort and enthusiasm. The Ravensbourne has become one of the cleanest river catchments in London with a wide range of plants and animals.

In 2022 why not become part of this amazing show of community strength? Thames21 and the event partners will lead a series of volunteer events from  to 11th June – 9th July 2022 in collaboration with, the London Borough of Lewisham, Thames21, Quaggy Waterways Action Group and a number of local Friends Groups.  These hands-on volunteering opportunities will take place throughout the Ravensbourne river system; the rivers Ravensbourne, Pool and Quaggy which flow though the South East London boroughs of Lewisham, Greenwich, Croydon and Bromley.

Photos of past events can be found on our Flickr page.

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If you do take a photo with you phone while on one of our wades, please use the #3RCU #3riverscleanup and then tag the name of the river/park/site that you were in

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  1. “In 2015 why not become part of this amazing show of community strength? ” needs to be updated to “2017” ! 🙂


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